Ph.D in Mathematics 




NAME:                                           Saeid Jafari


ADDRESS:                                     Sidevej 5, Gerlev Enge, 4200 Slagelse-Denmark


DATE OF BIRTH:                         23-10-1960


NATIONALITY:                            Danish/Iranian


GENDER:                                       Male


STATUS:                                        Married.


TELEPHONE:                                Mobile  +4550586264




Ph.-D in Mathematics


Department of Mathematics, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria


Title of Thesis: General Topology- Generalized Open Sets and Generalized Continuity


In German: Verallgemeinerte offene Mengen und verallgemeinerte Stetigkeit


Advisor: Prof. Dr. Maximilian Ganster


1988-1994, Master Degree


Department of Mathematics, Aalborg University in Denmark


Major in Mathematics. Thesis: Symplectic Geometry Applied to Convexity Theorems.


Minor in Philosophy. Institute of Philosophy, Copenhagen University in Denmark


Additional Courses:


Special Relativity


Statistical Mechanics


Quantum Mechanics


I studied the above courses at the Aalborg University, Institute of Physics.






08/1994-Present, College of Vestsjælland South , Slagelse. Denmark


Responsibilities: Teaching and research. 




Postgraduate Teacher Training: I have passed the theoretical and practical parts of the teacher and university teacher training in Mathematics and Philosophy.




·   Associate editor of the Journal of Egyptian Mathematical Society (


  • Referee for Proceedings of the Mathematical and Physical Society of Egypt.
  • Referee for Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences.
  • Referee for  the Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.
  • Referee for  Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences (USA)
  • Referee for Mem. Fac. Sci. Kochi Univ. (Math) Japan
  • Referee for Bull. Malaysian Math. Sci. Soc.
  • Referee for Math. J  DIRASAT (The University of Jordan)
  • Referee for International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (USA)                    


  • Referee for Indian Journal of Mathematics
  • Referee for Kuwait Journal of Science and Engineering
  • Referee for the Assiut University Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, Egypt.
  • Referee for the Scientific Research, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia
  • Member of the Editorial Board of International  Journal of General Topology,  India
  • Referee for Soochow Journal of Mathematics, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Referee for Revista Colombiana de Matematicas, Colombia
  • Referee for Carpathian Journal of Mathematics, Romania
  • Referee for International Journal of Modern Mathematics, China
  • Referee for the International Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra
  • Referee for FILOMAT, Serbia
  • Referee for Mathematical Communications, Crotia
  • Referee for Fasciculi Mathematici, Poland
  • Referee for International Mathematical Sciences, Korea
  • Referee for the Sarjevo J. Math.
  • Referee for the Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society
  • Referee for Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Turkey.
  • Referee for the Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics, China
  • Referee for Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE), Saudi Arabia
  • Referee for International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technological Innovation: IMETI 2008, June 29th-July 2th, Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • Member of the Editorial Review Board of  Scientific Journals International (SJI), Saint Cloud, MN 56301, USA.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of  Journal of  Mathematical Engineering, New Delhi, India.
  • Referee for Applied Mathematics Letters, USA.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and its Applications (TJNSA).
  • Member of the Editorial Board of  Journal of  Advances research in Fuzzy and Uncertain Systems, Institute of Advanced Scientific Research , Irvine, California, 92612, USA.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of  Journal of  Advances research in Pure Mathematics,  Institute of Advanced Scientific Research , Irvine, California, 92612, USA.
  • Referee for Q & A in General Topology, Japan.
  • Referee for Acta Mathematica Academiae Paedagogicae Nyiregyhaziensis, Hungaria
  • Member of the International Advisory Board of Fuzzy & Rough Sets Associations, India.
  • Referee  for Italian J. Pure and Applied Math., Italy.
  • Referee for Mat. Vesnik, Serbia.
  • Referee for Mathematica Pannonica.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of  Journal of  Mathematical Sciences and Computer Applications (
  • Referee for Khayyam Journal of Mathematics.
  • Referee for Sahand Communications in Mathematical Analysis
  • Member of Editorial Board of   Scibay Journal of Mathematics (
  • Referee for Foreign Faculty Hiring Program, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Referee for Demonstratio Mathematica, Warszawa, Poland.
  • Referee for National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa.
  • Reviewer for Zentralblatt Math.
  • Member of Danish Mathematical Society
  • Member of European Mathematical Society
  • Reviewer for Mathematical reviews
  • Reviewer for Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae
  • Member of Danish teacher union
  • Referee for Applied General Topology




Note 1: I have been external examiner (foreign examiner ) of several Masters and  up to now more than  30  Ph.D’s  in topology, fuzzy topology , graph theory and mathematical biology, Fuzzy applications to computer science, applied mathematics and mathematical physics.  I had several joint technical reports and a joint project with Dr. R. M. Latif at the Department of Mathematics, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA. Further, I was an invited Professor to the Department of Mathematics at the University of South Africa, South Africa in 2005. I finished some joint projects with Professor Seithuti Moshokoa. I also had/have joint research projects with different research groups from different universities in India.




 Current projects (see also Researchgate on the net):


1.     Application of pointfree topology in loop quantum gravity (with P. Linker and C. Özel)


2.     Abelian pointfree topological monoids and Hopf algebras on locales and frames (P. Linker, S. Jafari, C. Özel and M. Al Shumrani)


3.     Generalization of multi-value logic via neutrosophic logic


4.     Investigation of different properties of sets in topological and bitopological spaces with respect to digital topology (with Pious Missier)..


5.     Properties of BCI- Algebra and BCK-algebra (with I. Arokiarani, L. Maria Presenti and S. C. Flora).


6.     New types of topological groups (and R. Rajesh and C. Özer)


7.     On new types of topological vector spaces (with R. Rajesh).


8.     Soft set theory and its applications ( with A. A. Nasef  et al.)


9.     Nano topology and its application (with M. L. Thivagar)


10.  Applications of bipolar single valued neutrosophic minimal spanning tree in tree topology (with M. Parimala and S. Smarandache)


11.  Decision making via interval valued neutrosophic support soft topological spaces ((with M. Parimala and S. Smarandache)


12.  Topological game theory (with A. F. Atik)


13.  Some remarks on Neutrosophic Psychology (with F. Smarandache)


14.  The neutrosophiv methodology in sociology (with F. Smarandache)


  • Some recent aspects of developments of Chern-Simon gauge field theories (with M. Abdel-Aty and A.-S. F. Obada)- This project will be represented in the international conference in Turkey ((




























  • Object-Oriented Design and Analysis
  • Data Structure
  • C, C++, Java Programming Languages
  • Neural Network
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Domain Theory
  • UML


  • Ms Office
  • Latex
  • Maple, Matematica and Matlab
  • Unix (some), Linux (some),






Hobbies and other Interests




1. Gym workouts, Travelling, Visiting friends, Computers




  • Topology Conference in 1997, Attended at the University of Nippising, Canada
  • Attended and presented different papers, ideas of research in different workshops and conferences in Denmark.


·        Topology Conference August 1998 in Hungary, Gyula, Attended & submitted a joint paper with Prof. Takashi Noiri entitled "Properties of theta-continuous functions


  • The 15th Summer School on Real Function Theory, September 6-11,1998 in Liptovsky Jan, Slovakia, Attended and presented a joint paper with Prof. Takashi Noiri


·        2000 Summer Conference on Topology and Its Applications, July 26-29, Miami University, Oxford,  USA, Attended and presented a joint paper with Prof. M. Caldas and Prof. T. Noiri


·        The First Turkish International Conference on Topology and Its Applications, Istanbul, Turkey, 2000, Attended and presented joint papers with Prof. T. Noiri


·       Fourth Galway  Topology Colloquium at Birmingham, September 11-13, 2000, the University of Birmingham, UK. Attended and presented a paper “Theta-open sets in General Topology and some questions”.


  • The 2001 Prague topology Symposium, Attended and presented a joint paper with Prof. Caldas and Prof. Noiri
  • Colloquium on Topology dedicated to the 60th Birthday of Professor Istvan Juhasz, Hungary, August 8-13, 2003, speaker.


  • Invited visitor, October 2005 . Department of  Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Astronomy, P. O. Box 392, Pretoria, 0003, South Africa . My one hour talk concerned  the relation of digital topology and generalized open sets.


  •  Invited speaker, 2006 International Conference on Topology and its Applications(Greece), June 23-26.   ¨'
  • Invited participant, Mathematische Arbeitstagung 2009, Bonn, Germany.
  • Invited participant , Chern-Simons Gauge Theory: 20 years after(aug 3-7, 2009), Bonn, Germany.
  • Invited speaker in the German-Austrian mathematical societies meeting august 2009. I  gave two talks, 1. Evaluated sets and commutative ring theory, 2. Chern-Simon theory in recent years.
  • Invited participant, Mathematische Arbeitstagung 2011, Bonn, Germany.
  • Invited keynote speaker, International Conference on Topology and its Applications, July 4-10 , 2011- Islamabad, Pakistan. My talk was about Chern-Simon theory.
  • Participant in “Current Themes in High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Niels Bohr’s Institute, Copenhagen, 25-29 august 2014 (
  • Plenary speaker, International Conference on Mathematics, Trends and Development, 5-11 April, 2018, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Participant (speaker) in “2018 International Conference on Topology and its Applications, July 7-11, Nafpaktos, Greece (
  • Chairman of the international conference on science and technology, 24-26 november 2018, Turkey (






             Dr. M. Alimohammady


             Department of Mathematics


             University of Mazandaran


              Babolsar, Iran




             Dr. M. R. Ahmadi Zand


             Department of Mathematics


             Yazd University


              Yazd, Iran






 Dr. C. W.  Baker


Department of Mathematics


Indiana University Southeast


New Albany, Indiana 47150, USA




Dr. M. Caldas


Department de Mathematica,
Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil




      Dr. V. Chatyrko


Department of Mathematics,
Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden




Dr. E. Ekici


Department of Mathematics


Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University


Terzioglu campus, 17020 Canakkale, Turkey






         Dr. T. Fukutake


Department of Information Education,


Fukuoka University of Education,


729-1 Akama, Munakata City,


Fukuoka Pref.,


811-4192 Japan






  Dr. M. Ganster ,


Department of Mathematics,


Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria






 Dr. D. N. Georgiou


Department of Mathematics,
Patras University, Patras, Greece




    Dr. E. Hatir


      Department of Mathematics,
            Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey








       Dr. M. M. Kovar


        Department of Mathematics,
      Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Brno, Czech Republic




           Dr.  R.  M. Latif


      Deparment of Mathematics and Statistics


            King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Dhahran 31261,  Saudi Arabia




            Dr. S. P. Moshokoa


            Department of Mathematical Sciences,


            University of South Africa,


P.O. Box 392,


Pretoria 0003, South Africa




Dr. A. A. Nasef




Department of Physice and Engineering Mathematics


Faculty of Engineering


Kafr El-Sheikh University


Kafr El-Sheikh. Egypt




            Dr. G. B. Navalagi


Department of Mathematics,
G. H. College, Karnataka, India




        Dr. T. Noiri


Department of Mathematics,
Yatsushiro College of Technology, Yatsushiro, Japan


            Dr. N. Palaniappan
            Department of Mathematics,
            Alagappa University, Karaikudi-630 003, India




        Dr. S. Pious Missier
Department of Mathematics,
V. O. Chidambaram College, Tuticorin-628 008, India






            Dr. S. Athisaya Ponmani


           Department of Mathematics


     Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women


           Periyakulam, Theni DT., PIN-625 601, Tamil Nadu, India




           Dr. V. Popa


           Department of Mathematics,
           Bacau University, Bacau, Romania




       Dr. R. Raja Rajeswari


Department of Mathematics


Sri Parasakthi College for Women


Courtalam. PIN-627802


Tamil Nadu, India




            Dr. N. Rajesh


Department of Mathematics


            Ponnaitah Ramajayam College




Tamil Nadu, India




      Dr. J. Antony Rex Rodrigo


    Department of Mathematics


    V. O. Chidambaram College, Tuticorin-628 008, India






            Dr. M. Roohi


      Department of Mathematics


      University of Mazandaran


      Babolsar, Iran




            Dr. R. K. Saraf
            Department of Mathematics,
            Govt. K. N. G. College, DAMOH-470661, M. P., India




            Dr. M. S. Sarsak


            Department of Mathematics


            The Hashemite University


            P.O.Box 150459


            Zarqa 13115  Jordan


            Dr. M. Simoes
            Dipartimento Di Matematica "Guido Castelnuovo",
            Universita Di Roma "La Sapienza", 00185-Roma, Italy




            Dr. M. L. Thivagar


Department of Mathematics


      Arul Anandar College, Karumathur


Madural Dt., PIN-625 514,


Tamil Nadu, India










Ege Üniversitesi


Fen Fakültesi Matematik


Bölümü 35100


Izmir, Turkey.




Dr. Bishwambhar Roy




Department of Mathematics


Women's Christian College


6, Greek Church Row






Dr. R.  Devi






Kongunadu Arts and Science College


Coimbatore 641029


Tamil Nadu






Dr. F. Smarandache




Mathematics and Science Department


University of New Mexico


705 Gurley Ave, Gallup, NM 87301, USA




o   General Topology


o   Digital Topology


o   Symplectic Geometry


o   Theory of Multifunctions


o   Functional Analysis


o   Fuzzy Logic and Topology


o   Strings, Gauge theory and Quantum Gravity


o   Mathematical Education: Mathematical knowledge related to technologies under progress and change


o   Higher- Dimensional Algebra and  Topological Quantum Field Theory


o   Noncommutative Geometry and string theory


o   Conceptual and Philosophical Problems of Quantum Mechanics


o   Topological Groups


o   Neutrosophic logic and topology